The new standard of marketing and showing real estate to potential buyers

360 Virtual Tour enable effortless exploration of properties, even if they're under construction and you're far away. Real estate agents and developers using 360 tours attract more interest by giving viewers full control of their visit. This personalized experience helps buyers form emotional connections and close deals. 360 virtual tours are revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Frequently asked questions

How is a 3D virtual tour created?

In the beginning, we gather comprehensive information from the client and either develop a 3D model or utilize their existing 3D model. Next, we review all visual elements (such as furniture layout, materials, finishes, and colors) in individual 360-degree panoramas using a web viewer. After finalizing the design concept, we integrate everything into a cohesive VR tour. This approach ensures that any necessary adjustments are addressed early, minimizing the workload associated with modifying each panoramic viewpoint later on.

Where is the virtual project hosted and how can it be accessed?

3D tour is accessible online via a straightforward web link, which can also be seamlessly integrated into the client’s website. Hosting is free for the first year, with the option to extend for a fee thereafter

What is the typical turnaround time for creating a VR tour with Uizarq?

The turnaround time may vary based on project complexity, but generally, from image capture to delivery of the finalized VR tour, it typically takes 3-5 days the first presentation.

Can I experience the panoramic tour using VR Heads?

Indeed, the 3D tour can also be viewed using VR glasses directly through the web browser.

What is the principle for navigating through the spaces?

The navigation is straightforward and user-friendly – simply click to transition between spaces smoothly. Use the mouse to rotate the camera or keyboard arrows to pan across.

What is the pricing for a virtual tour of real estate?

Price estimation is available upon request and is based on the scope and complexity of your project.